Graphic Design Related FAQ

Graphic designers commonly use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign for various design tasks such as image editing, illustration, and layout design.
Essential skills for graphic designers include proficiency in design software, a keen eye for aesthetics, understanding of design principles, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills.
Raster graphics are composed of pixels and are suitable for photographs and complex images, while vector graphics are composed of paths and are ideal for logos and illustrations as they can be scaled infinitely without losing quality.
Graphic designers ensure accessibility by considering factors such as color contrast, font readability, and design simplicity. They also adhere to accessibility standards like WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) for web and digital designs.
Typography plays a crucial role in graphic design by conveying the message, setting the tone, and enhancing the visual appeal of designs. It involves selecting appropriate fonts, sizes, spacing, and hierarchy to create effective communication.

About Us Related FAQ

LucknowGraphics Online Private Limited, the performance-driven digital marketing agency offers customized internet and web solutions. We are a young and enthusiastic team of designers and internet marketers who will help you in implementing your web promotion strategy. This comprises from designing your website to online marketing to engage your customers. Our portfolio, proves why we are the best digital agency in the region.
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Kanpur Graphics is based in Lucknow City(Uttar Pradesh). However, our services are not restricted to LucknowGraphics. We have started our online global operations in London and South West England to target international clients.
Before your website goes live and we handover it over to you, our dedicated testing team verifies the browser compatibility on multiple browsers, that is, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox to ensure hassle-free operations of your website on a global platform.
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  • For Digital circulation JPG or PNG.
  • For Print Media Print ready PDF.
  • For Banner, Poster, Hoarding, etc Hi-Res JPG.
Yes, GST will be applicable additionally on our packages at rate of 18%