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Face Of The Brand : The Logo Designing

A logo conveys the individuality of a company. It has a substantial impact on the company that demonstrates the legitimacy of the company. It attracts attention, leaves a lasting first impression, forms the basis of the brand identity, is unique, distinguishes the brand from competitors, encourages brand loyalty, and caters to the targeted audience. A professionally created logo encourages clients to stick around by authenticating the brand’s professionalism and fostering trust.

Lucknow is the cultural hub of North India. Logo Designing Services in Lucknow provides immaculately designed logos for the brands that cater to their needs. Most international firms want their logo designed by a logo designer in Lucknow because of their artistic approach. India is the first choice for many international-based companies to create their logo.

Types Of Logo That Is In Trend

There are several types of logos from which a brand can choose. Different types of logo design consist of imagery, typography, and fonts. Because potential clients will see the logo design first, selecting the proper one is essential. So, here are a few basic logo design types:

Lettermarks Logos

Monogram Logos are initials of the brand name. If a brand’s name is lengthy, letter mark logos might effectively shorten it by using just a few letters, mostly the initials of the brand name. Since the initials convey the brand identity everywhere, selecting the ideal font and style to highlight the logo design is essential.


Mascot logos are those that feature an illustrative persona. A mascot logo is a fun approach to establishing a business representative because it is vibrant, catchy, occasionally cartoonish, and almost always amusing and exciting. It is similar to creating a character through the art of logo designing that represents the brand visually.

Pictorial Logo

The Pictorial logo is an icon that represents the brand. It is a memorable icon that buyers or users frequently remember for the rest of their lives. It does not involve any texts. Since it is just an icon that carries the responsibility to streamline the brand value, the prime focus is on the color and the structure so that it resembles the brand.

The Combination Mark

The combination mark refers to a logo design that combines a letter mark or wordmark with a pictorial logo or mascots. It combines text and visual elements to produce a balanced logo. The combination of a symbol and text makes a distinctive image together. It is the most well-regarded option because it helps reflect the brand logically.

There are many more types of logo designs such as Wordmark, Emblem, and Abstracts. It depends on the brand on which logo type it closely identifies.

What Goes Into Designing An Immaculate Logo?

Designing a logo is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and imagination to create a logo. Before selecting any of the above logotypes, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Understanding the brand and its need
  2. Knowing the customers the brand wants to cater to
  3. The Color Scheme of the brand must match the logo color
  4. The typography used in the logo must go with the brand vibe

A lot of things go into creating a logo design. The most important thing is that the logo designer in Lucknow or the logo designing services in Lucknow must be open to feedback and can rework the logo if needed. Because a brand generally designs its logo once, it should be perfect in all ways. The best logo designer in Lucknow is none other than Lucknow Graphics. Reach now to get your brand noticed!

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